a buoy or other object that denotes the beginning or end of a leg, start or finish line, or other racecourse element; any object the applicable Sailing Instructions require a boat to leave on a specified side; or a race committee boat surrounded by navigable water from which the starting or finishing line extends. Marks can be movable inflatable spheres, cylinders, or tetrahedrons (i.e., drop-in buoys) or stationary; e.g., ATON, government marks or permanent marks. A mark includes any object permanently attached to it, such as a flag, but does not include its anchor line or any object attached temporarily or accidentally. Inflatable marks are usually some fluorescent color: orange, yellow, green, white, or pink. The fixed variety come in all colors: usually red, green, or some combination of yellow and black. Marks on the course are sometimes referred to as rounding marks or turning marks to distinguish them from start or end marks. Marks are also referred to by their position on the course, such as jibe mark or reaching mark; weather mark or windward mark; or leeward mark or bottom mark. A mark is also referred to as a pin. Inflatable marks are sometimes referred to as pillows or tomatoes.

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