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a spinnaker or headsail storage bag that allows the appropriate running rigging to be quickly and easily connected without having to open the bag. This allows the sail to be ready for rapid deployment without being exposed to wind and weather. This also allows for the sail to quickly be disconnected and removed from the deck, if a last-minute sail change is called for. Just before the sail is hoisted, the Velcro, zipper, or drawstring that holds the bag closed is opened, and the sail is hoisted without fouling or wrapping. The nicer style of spinnaker turtle is a cube that has Velcro straps to secure the clews at opposite ends of the side that opens, with the head secured between the two clews. The other style is a stuff sack with one end held closed by a drawstring. Also called a sausage, sausage bag, or spinnaker pouch. See also: flake, pack, run the tapes, spinnaker bucket, spinnaker chute and z-fold.

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