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a race conducted on a large body of water or across several bodies of water and that lasts an extended period of timeā€”from a few hours to several days or more. Distance races can begin near one port and finish near another, or they can return to the starting port after covering considerably more miles than a buoy race. Distance race strategy evolves as a race progresses. Early in the race, the strategic priorities are to find the most favorable weather pattern, to get to the weather pattern before the competition and to be better placed within that weather system. Of course, as competitors approach the finish mark, tactics shift more towards those of a buoy race, where the priorities are to stay between any opponents and the next mark or wind shift, and to consolidate any leverage gained. Also referred to as an offshore race or port-to-port race. See also: Chicago Mac, Fastnet, Newport-Bermuda, and Transpac.

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