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the display timing for the various flags and optional sounds used to indicate the countdown to and a race’s start. Typically, a warning flag is displayed at five minutes before a race’s start and, optionally, one sound is sounded. At four minutes, a preparatory flag is displayed and one optional sound is sounded. At one minute before a race’s start, the prep flag is lowered with an optional long sound, and at the race’s start the warning flag is lowered along with the sounding of one optional sound. The starting sequence is specified in Racing Rules of Sailing for 2013 – 2016 rule 26 and may be modified by the applicable Sailing Instructions. See also: attention flag, class flag, rolling starts and signal boat. For some special rules that apply only during the starting sequence see: black flag rule, general recall, individual recall, round-an-end rule and z flag rule.

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PostHeaderIcon Code 6

a storm sail, for running in storm conditions.

PostHeaderIcon Code 5

a heavy air reaching sail, used in the heaviest winds normally expected.

PostHeaderIcon Code 4

a heavy air running sail, used in the heaviest winds normally expected.

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an acronym for the “International 60-foot Monohull Open Class Association.” Established in 1991 and recognized by ISAF since 1998, it is the governing body for the Ocean Racing World Championships, which include the Vendée Globe, the Route du Rhum, and the Transat Jacques Vabre. IMOCA is an open class, so anything is permitted unless the rules specifically prohibit it. See also: Equipment Rules of Sailing for 2013-2016 C.2.3. For more information, browse to

PostHeaderIcon Protest Flag

a solid red flag displayed immediately by a boat that claims to have been fouled. Also called the “B” or Bravo flag.

PostHeaderIcon DPI

Discretionary penalty imposed. A new scoring initialism that signifies a penalty other than disqualification as allowed under Racing Rules of Sailing 2013 – 2016 rule 64.1. See also: Racing Rules of Sailing 2013 – 2016 Appendix A11.

PostHeaderIcon Bermuda High

a large subtropical semi-permanent center of high atmospheric pressure found near Bermuda, in the Western Atlantic Ocean at the Horse latitudes (i.e., sub-tropic latitudes between 30 and 35 degrees North). When this weather system moves farther east it is referred to as the Azores High or, generally, as the North Atlantic High.

PostHeaderIcon Start Line Bias

whether and how much a start line’s angle differs from being perpendicular to the wind. See also: favored end.

PostHeaderIcon Hitch

a family of knots used to secure a line to another object. Examples are clove hitch, half hitch, and rolling hitch.


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