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PostHeaderIcon Solent (the)

the crescent-shaped English Channel sea-way that separates the Isle of Wight from mainland England.

PostHeaderIcon MOM

an acronym for “Man Overboard Module,” a Survival Technologies Group trademark. A canister that contains inflatable and lighted devices, including an inflatable horseshoe-shaped buoyant device, an inflatable locator pylon, and a self-opening sea anchor. The contents of a MOM help locate and retrieve a crew member who has fallen overboard. The canister is typically mounted on the stern rail and its contents are deployed when someone pulls the pin on the canister’s top. Note: the force of gravity deploys the canister’s contents, so if a boat is on her ear, the canister’s contents will have to be manually withdrawn.

PostHeaderIcon General Recall

a recall that occurs when the race committee is unclear which competitors violated the starting sequence rules, or when there is an error in the starting sequence. The race committee initiates a general recall by displaying the First Substitute (a blue pennant with a smaller, inner yellow triangle)and simultaneously firing two sounds. See Racing Rules of Sailing for 2013 – 2016 rule 29.2.

PostHeaderIcon Bend

1) To attach and make ready for use, as in “bend on a sail.” 2) A category of knots used to join two lines together to form a longer line. E.g., sheet bend.

PostHeaderIcon Tacktick

a brand name of wireless racing instrumentation systems. For more information, browse to

PostHeaderIcon Spinnaker Pole Car

a device that allows a spinnaker pole’s inboard end to be raised or lowered to match wind and sailing conditions. The car travels on a vertically oriented track attached to the mast’s forward face. Either a pin stop or purchase system is used to control the car’s height. Also referred to as a mast car or pole slide.

PostHeaderIcon Head Pennant

a length of luff tape/boltrope added to a sail’s head to lengthen its hoist. For example, a #4 jib’s luff is typically shorter than the length of the headstay it attaches to, but if you add a head pennant, you can raise the jib halyard to its full hoist position. Compare to tack pennant.

PostHeaderIcon DSA – Double-handed Sailing Association

An organization ‘formed for the purpose of serving those who enjoy the sport of making fast, safe passages under sail with a minimum of crew.’ For more information, browse to


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