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Offshore Racing Rule. A measurement-based handicap rating system for offshore cruising and racing boats. The rating is based on a boat’s hull, her rig and weight measurements, her sail inventory, and the results of a velocity prediction program (VPP), a complex computer program that estimates a specific boat’s performance over a range of wind speeds and sailing angles. The Offshore Racing Association (ORA), an alliance of the Chicago Yacht Club, the Cruising Club of America, and the Transpacific Yacht Club, administers the ORR. For more information, browse to See also: corrected time. Compare to: box rule, IRC, level racing, ORC and PHRF.

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slang for an ultra-light displacement (ULDB), open-cockpit racing boat. Its hull shape is designed to develop positive dynamic pressure, so that its draft decreases with increasing speed. Given enough driving force, a sled can achieve higher speeds than a similarly sized displacement-hull boat, as it is less limited by waterline length. Called a sled because it is long, narrow, and specifically designed to slide downhill on mountains of blue water during races such as the Transpac. The Santa Cruz line of boats, designed by the “Wizard,” Bill Lee, are a good example. Older sleds that are modified with such upgrades as a taller, carbon mast and larger sails are referred to as turbosleds. See also: turbo-ing.

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the official running time of a race, for a particular boat, after any relevant handicap time-on-distance or time-on-time correction formula has been applied. See also: finish report, IRC, line honors, PHRF and ORR.

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to plan, acquire and stow any needed food and beverage items aboard a boat. Collectively, the items are provisions. known as victualing to sailors from Britain and the Commonwealth. See also: snacktician.

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your sailing line to a mark along which you will have to foot or reach in order to round close to the mark. Your sailing line to a mark when you have over-stood it. Compare to: thin layline.

PostHeaderIcon Ft. Lauderdale – Key West Race

Good luck to all the participants in today’s Ft. Lauderdale to Key West Race.

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1) Southern Ocean Racing Conference. The organization behind the annual 408-nautical-mile Fort Lauderdale to Charleston Race and the annual 160 nm Fort Lauderdale to Key West Race. SORC also manages the 811 nm biennial Pineapple Cup – Montego Bay Race and the 176 nm sporadically run Nassau Cup Ocean Race. For more information, browse to,,,, and See also: feeder race. 2) Solo Offshore Racing Club. An organization that promotes and supports solo and short-handed yacht racing around the Solent and to destinations such as Ireland, France and Spain. For more information, browse to

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an invisible line usually designated as between a pole with a flag on the Race Committee boat and a white buoy that marks the line’s pin end, though other marks may be used. The finish line is theoretically set perpendicular to the last leg of the racecourse. The suggested line length is 5 to 6 times the length of the largest boat in the fleet. See also: favored end.

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a semi-permanent center of high atmospheric pressure located over the North Pacific Ocean between 30 and 40 degrees North latitude and between 140 and 150 degrees West longitude. The North Pacific High has a major influence on boats competing in any of the trans-pacific races, including Transpac, Pacific Cup and Vic-Maui. See also: slot cars.

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a toiletry bag or shaving kit. Named for the early 20th century leather toiletry case inventor, Charles Doppelt.


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